NASA is looking for its newest crew to live inside a 3D-printed Mars

Volunteers will live in a 1,700-square-foot module, 3D printed by ICON, called Mars Dune Alpha. The habitat will simulate the “challenges of a mission on Mars,” as the crew will have to handle resource limitations, equipment failure, communiticate delays, and other environmental stressors, NASA said. (August 2021)

3D printing with plants: How is it possible?

3D Printed House - Recycled Material

This 3D-Printed House Is Made From Recyclable Materials and Will Be Zero Waste. Work is almost complete on a series of 3D-printed houses that push the boundaries of construction and fabrication. Called TECLA, this project features futuristic dome-shaped dwellings located near Bologna, Italy.

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The affordable 3D-printed home that could transform African urbanization

A joint venture involving CDC Group and the European building materials multinational LafargeHolcim, is 3D-printing house Called 14Trees, it has operations in Malawi and Kenya, and is able to build a 3D-printed house in just 12 hours at a cost of under $10,000.

How to build an effective business case for investing in 3D printing - FREE Webinar

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