UK Researchers Develop Drone Swarm for Aerial 3D Printing


         Updated January 2023

How Can 3D Printing Alleviate the Construction Industry’s Social, Climate, and Environmental Challenges?

Global housing shortages, a lack of skilled workers, and the need to reach carbon neutrality by 2050—the construction industry faces a tripled-edged sword. Industry leaders must use their experience to provide sustainable solutions while acting fast to keep up with a growing population. Nevertheless, expertise and speed are difficult to deliver without a full team. In an age where industry leaders fight carbon-heavy traditional construction methods with urbanization, one new technology shines a light on the situation: 3D construction printing.

Winning Beijing Olympics Speed Skaters Wore 3D Printed Blades

In the 2018 Olympic season, Farsoon made 3D printed fingertips for the gloves that ice skaters wore. Now, Farsoon reports that it has 3D printed a short track ice skating blade for the Chinese team, which took two home gold medals for the Short Track Speed Skating event.(February 2022)

What Are the Latest Developments in 3D Printing?

New and exciting developments are happening in the world of 3D printing all the time. As an emerging technology, it is constantly being developed and improved upon to meet the needs of various users. New applications for 3D printing are being discovered all the time, from medical applications to digital fabrication in a variety of industries. Here is a look at some of the latest trends and developments in 3D printing.........

Wooden 3D Printed Bee Hive Offers Scottish Honey Bees a Safe Home

The 3D printed cavity log hives the Foundation 3D printed are made from a special wood-based composite material, which is biodegradable and makes it possible for honey bees to live in an ecosystem that’s more naturally in sync with their seasonal rhythms. That’s because these 3D printed hives can be installed high up in tree trunks to mimic more natural conditions for the insects.

The affordable 3D-printed home that could transform African urbanization

A joint venture involving CDC Group and the European building materials multinational LafargeHolcim, is 3D-printing house Called 14Trees, it has operations in Malawi and Kenya, and is able to build a 3D-printed house in just 12 hours at a cost of under $10,000.

The Women Trailblazing the Tiktok 3D Printing Scene

3D printing was once only seen as a technology reserved only for professionals. It was difficult and expensive to obtain a system before desktop 3D printers began proliferating at the start of the last decade. However, today, 3D printing is booming, and while we know that it is being used by nearly every major manufacturer in the world at some level, it is also extremely popular on TikTok. As a 3D printing TikToker myself, I had the pleasure of interviewing my colleagues Sarah Hunt, Melissa Kaye, Kerrika Marshall, Breanna Wright, Britt, and Lewis Derogene. In my conversations with them outlined in this series, I was able to learn about their processes, their outcomes, and how we can attract more women to the world of 3D printing.

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3D Printing Camp for Kids

Anycubic and Yale Funbotics held virtual camps to introduce children to 3D modeling and 3D printing. The camps are designed for 4th to 12th-grade students, and all three sessions were held virtually over Zoom for three days, with the first day focused on learning to assemble the beginner-friendly Anycubic Kobra printer. On the second day, the students worked with mentors to learn how to model designs in CAD, and on the last day, they learned to slice, print, and troubleshoot their own models, like phone cases, pencils, and Harry Potter wands.

Medics: 3D printing medical models to make surgery safer

Medics is an Italian company created in 2016 as a startup dedicated to 3D printed medical models. It was founded from a desire to make surgical procedures safer, better planned, and as minimally invasive as possible, offering an approach that benefits the patient, the surgeon, and the hospital facility. Medics does so by supporting surgeons in pre-operative planning and intra-operative management of high-complexity surgeries through patient-specific 3D anatomical reconstructions called Hyper Accuracy 3D® (HA3D®).

NASA is looking for its newest crew to live inside a 3D-printed Mars Habitat Module

Volunteers will live in a 1,700-square-foot module, 3D printed by ICON, called Mars Dune Alpha. The habitat will simulate the “challenges of a mission on Mars,” as the crew will have to handle resource limitations, equipment failure, communiticate delays, and other environmental stressors, NASA said. (August 2021)

The Future of 3D Printing in Education

Project-based learning has always been an integral part of education as it encourages students to work as part of a team, solve problems and be creative. It increases involvement and heightens motivation. Over recent years, as the price of 3D printers has become more affordable to the wider public, schools, colleges and universities have introduced additive manufacturing into their learning system.

How 3D Printers Could Transform The Energy Industry

While 3D printing has been around as a technology for years, its potential in the oil, gas, and renewable sectors is only just being realized. As the oil and gas industry modernizes and digitilizes, it is ready to embrace new technologies that can both reduce cost and the carbon footprint of operations. The current supply chain crisis only further adds to the interest in 3D printing, with on-site printers removing the problems that come with obtaining vital pieces.(Felicity Bradstock - May 02, 2022)

ASICS Enters 3D Printed Footwear Market

Japanese multinational corporation ASICS specializes in producing sportswear, and its new ACTIBREEZE 3D slides, with a 3D printed honeycomb build, will soon be released to the market. The breathable, thick-soled sandals feature that telltale lattice structure so often found in 3D printed footwear, and call to mind the Adidas Adilette and the Yeezy Slide, which are also the kind of chunky, backless, open-toe kicks that are popular this summer.

Using 3D Printing as a Supply Chain and Labor Shortage Solution

In a tight labor market companies are forced to look for operational efficiencies that enable them to do more with less. 3D printing helps streamline production by eliminating process steps such as core assembly for castings or CNC machining setup subtractive metal production. Easy-to-adopt 3D printing technologies are enabling manufacturers to stay competitive offering fast turnarounds of complex designs to win new business with efficient technological offerings.(August 2022)

Project Multiplier Event - 4th August 2022

On 4th August 2022 EU15 Ltd hosted an International project multiplier event, via ZOOM, showcasing the project outputs.

You can download the presentations here ..